Steve Jobs Review

“Steve Jobs” is directed by Danny Boyle adapted from a dynamite screenplay by Aaron Sorkin.  “Steve Jobs” is set backstage during three keynote address unveilings.  The first in the early 80’s when the Macintosh computer came out, the second being the failed Black Cube and the third being the revolutionary iMac.  “Steve Jobs” centers around the relationships that Steve had with the people in his life, primarily his business partners, his secretary and his estranged daughter.  The film explores the genius of this tech titan and how his unconventional personality changed the world.

“Steve Jobs” is a frenetic film.  It moves at a fast pace and the dialogue is just as genius as the man himself.  Aaron Sorkin has written a screenplay so brilliant and full of high energy that it makes other films this year sound poor.  The dialogue has wit, humor and such a gravitas to it that lends itself as a sure Oscar contender for screenplay.  Danny Boyle’s masterful direction really lends itself to the finite vision of this modern masterpiece.  This film in many ways is a lot like David Fincher’s “The Social Network.”  It doesn’t paint a pretty portrait of it’s creator but it shows the reality of who these visionaries are.  Like “The Social Network” that came before it, “Steve Jobs” is an important film because the subject matter has transformed our culture.  Much like Facebook revolutionizing social media, Apple products have changed the computing world in many different ways.  Half of American households own Apple products which shows how important Steve Jobs was for Apple.

The actors involved with the project did such an incredible job.  Michael Fassbender was stunning as Steve Jobs and will likely earn him a slot for Best Actor.  Kate Winslet was great playing his secretary Joanna Hoffman and Michael Stuhlbarg was great as Jobs’ engineer Andy Hertzfeld.  Seth Rogan gives a fine and dramatic performance as Steve Wozniak, Jobs’ co-founder and and lead engineer and Jeff Daniels was amazing as John Scully, the Apple CEO.  Jeff Daniels delivers one of the best performances of his career and is a shoe-in for Best Supporting Actor.  What was really interesting about the film was the relationship that Steve had with his daughter Lisa.  We see their relationship grow throughout the movie and it was one of the best moving parts that this film had to offer.

Steve Jobs is portrayed as a maniacal bastard, whose only care in the world is the functionality of his products.  Apple is worth billions but the money never mattered to him.  He was all about giving his customers the best products on the market and he did everything necessary to make sure his products were the best.  Even though Apple failed for years and it took almost two decades for Macs to change the world, Steve Jobs kept going and rose above his failures, destroying everyone in his path that tried preventing him from doing so.  The quick editing and the fast paced script helped these amazing actors portray these real life characters in a behind the scenes way that we have never seen.  The film’s energy and high leveled talent shows how good this movie is.  I was really trying hard to find faults with the film and could barely find any.  I do think that the movie could have been a little bit longer.  It runs at two hours but I easily could have watched another twenty minutes.  Maybe they could have developed more of his life, but I don’t know.  I think the three key events worked really well but I craved a bit more.

“Steve Jobs” is an exceptional film that has so much energy and panache which makes it extremely entertaining.  It’s fascinating to see how this man changed the world with his ideas and technological visions.  The film paints an accurate picture of who Steve Jobs was as a person and really brings out the flaws in his character.  Even though he surfaces the shell of a mean spirited person, he deep down finds some redemption in the relationship with his daughter.  This is one of the best films that you will see this year and I cannot recommend this enough.  “Steve Jobs” is an unconventional look at a very unconventional man and it makes for amazing entertainment.

Grade:  A

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