Marvel Civil War Review

Marvel’s Civil War is the clash and war between two rival groups of superheroes.  The Superhero Registration Act has now been put into place by the government which is forcing our heroes to not only register and work with the government, but they also must reveal their true identities to the world.  This act has been put in place because a bunch of new heroes come to town, blowing up a school and killing hundreds of civilians.  Tony Stark is on the government side, while Steve Rogers is on the opposite side, fighting for liberty in rebellion against the act.  What then follows is a gathering of forces on both sides, which ultimately will lead to the greatest superhero showdown ever seen in comic book history.  So the question remains:  Who’s side are you on?

Civil War was the first mainstream Marvel comic that I ever picked up, not counting the X-Men comics from the 90’s.  It was my first introduction into the world of Iron Man and Captain America and what better way to get thrown into the Marvel world than in Civil War.  I have been a huge fan of the movies and relish the Marvel Cinematic Universe so when I heard that they were making “Captain America:  Civil War” I knew I had to get my hands on the graphic novel before the movie came out.  And I am glad that I did.  This comic was awesome!  The story by Mark Millar was so engaging and action packed and it was everything a crossover standalone series should be.  The writing was good and the twists and turns were eye opening.  Millar also wrote another favorite of mine, “Wolverine:  Old Man Logan” which I reviewed for this site.  The illustrations by Steve McNiven are some of the most intense sequences of action that I have ever seen in a comic.  They are detailed, well drawn and really help the readers visual the story and the action.

What makes this an interesting comic is the way that the characters are formed on the page.  For instance, we know that all of these superheroes are good guys but we are torn into who we are supposed to like.  Tony Stark is only on the government side because he has seen the carnage and destruction that these heroes are doing and he just wants to help prevent any more bloodshed.  And then you have Steve Rogers who thinks the idea of controlling heroes is harkening back to when the Nazi’s were ruling over the Jews in Europe.  Steve is all about freedom and liberty which makes him the All-American Boy.  So these two heroes and friends have the same goal, but different ideologies on how to pursue this goal and they end up fighting to the death to achieve their goals.  This makes this comic very rich, very juicy and for me it felt like I was watching two of my favorite football teams go at it in the ultimate showdown.

Releasing soon is “Captain America:  Civil War” which will integrate the Marvel Civil War storyline while taking a lot of liberties with it.  For example, in the films all of the heroes don’t have secret identities.  Every one knows that Tony Stark is Iron Man and that Steve Rogers is Captain America, so there won’t be a superhero registration act.  They might have a variation of it, but it will be different from the comics.  So I’m all for the movie being different from the graphic novel, but I just want the spirit of the comic to remain the same and I think that’s what’s is going to happen.  I love comics and I am a fanboy for both Marvel and DC.  And getting into Marvel for the first time, this was a great, dark and gritty and fun introduction into the Marvel Universe.  I strongly suggest Marvel Civil War for the writing, the story, the action and the illustrations.  This is one dynamite graphic novel that is a must read!

Grade:  B+

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