The X-Files Revival: Season 10 Review

****This Review Will Contain Spoilers****

Season 10 of the “X-Files” revival is now in the can.  Since I was a kid, The “X-Files” was always one of my favorite shows on television.  I remember staying up late past 12 in the morning, watching a marathon of creepy episodes under the sheets with my brother.  We were huge fans of the series and loved the two feature films.  So needless to say that when I heard the “X-Files” was coming back I was overjoyed.  For 10 years we were set up with some of the most thought provoking questions ever displayed on television.  We never had answers and now that the show is back, a lot of those questions were answered with one big stipulation.  Dozens upon dozens more of questions became of light.  We always knew that the government was covering up the existence of aliens and alien technology but we never really understood why.  In episode 1 of “The X-Files,” we learn that the government has been using alien technology on the masses of people since the Roswell UFO incident.  So we finally get some closure on what the government is doing and we find out in the finale why.  But a lot of questions were brought up in the beginning regarding the specifics.  We still have no idea who this mysterious government cabal is and their true intentions.  Let’s hope later down the line we get more answers.

Regarding the revival series, I personally really enjoyed it.  Unlike a lot of people I talked to, I loved the series opener as it served as a refresher for people who had forgotten the “X-Files” or people that are just now hearing about it.  I loved that they kept the old title credits as it serves as a bit of nostalgia.  Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are back in their career-defining roles as Special Agent Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.  They look older, but they are still the exact same as we saw them twenty something years ago.  Mitch Pileggi is back as Walter Skinner the Director of the FBI.  I would have liked to seen more of him this season but there’s a lot of room in the future.  But the biggest surprise and pure joy was seeing William B. Davis back as the Cigarette Smoking Man.  Only he is brought back in a new twist.  Half of his face is gone, and he smokes out of a rubber hole, protruding from his throat.  That was an exceptionally nice touch and a new invigorating way to see an old and evil beloved character.  I thought all 6 episodes were strong but the one that really stands out to me was the “Trash Man” episode.  It went back to the sort of “Monster of the Week” episodes from decades past and it’s spooky and violent theme made me think back to some of my favorite “X-File” episodes.  The one Stephen King wrote about a possessed doll for me was the scariest when I was a kid.

I also loved the terrorism episode in which we meet the likes of Agent Miller and Einstein, two FBI agents served as doppelgangers to Mulder and Scully.  One is a believer and the other a doctor.  They were nice additions to the show and I want to see more of them.  I also loved the Werewolf episode.  It was lighthearted, really weird and really fun which shows the tone of the show in a different way than we are used to seeing, but again if you have been watching the “X-Files” for as long as I have then those out of place funny episodes were always the best, even if they didn’t tonally fit in with the dark and serious themes of the show.

And finally the series finale was something that had me on the edge of my seat.  The country is in chaos as the Spartan Virus is spreading.  Hundreds of thousands are getting sick except for a select few, Dana Scully being one of them.  It turns out that when she was abducted in season 4 or 5, it’s been so long I can’t remember, she was experimented on and was injected with a serum that changed the landscape of her DNA.  The Serum we come to learn was Alien, so it’s the reason why she never could get sick.  Her DNA held the key to the cure that would end the nefarious Spartan Virus.  On the other side of that coin, Mulder visits the Cigarette Smoking Man and he is told that Mulder has been chosen to be a part of the cabal, and that Scully’s life will be spared.  It was quite a showdown but one big question remains:  IS THE CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN MULDERS FATHER?  It never has been explained in full detail and the truth is still out there.  There still are a lot of lingering questions from decades past and at this point I don’t ever feel like we will get those answers but in the scope of things who cares?  The “X-Files” is back and I’m really happy it is.  With all of the bad television on primetime, this one is something that I can safely say I’m committed to.  “Fringe” was a sort of “X-Files” spawn and I loved every minute and every season of that show.  But’s it’s been over for almost five years and now the “X-Files” is filling that void.  I hope Fox decides to continue on with this series and I want to see what happens to our beloved characters.

Grade:  A-

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