Fuller House Season 1 Review

“Fuller House” is the newest television revival by Netflix, that is breathing fresh life into the 90’s family sitcom “Full House.”  Here, all the kids have grown up and the main focus of the show is DJ Tanner, now DJ Fuller from her marriage to her husband.  Unfortunately, DJ’s husband died, leaving her a widow with two young boys.  In an attempt to help her out, DJ’s little sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy Gibbler movie into the house with their kids, making the home about 3 young women who are raising one big happy family.

Now I have always been a fan of “Full House.”  Sure the show is corny and cheesy, but it has a lot of heart and always made me laugh as a kid.  The same goes for this show.  The kids, especially Max the youngest Fuller, is so cute and charming and it’s really hard to hate on a show that makes you smile.  The pilot episode, wasn’t really even an episode at all.  The episode was more of a reunion with Aunt Becky, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Joey and Danny Tanner with their now grown up adult kids and their kids.  It was a little too tongue-in-cheek for me and the constant nostalgia references were really forced, but after that first episode the series got better.

What’s amazing to me is that Candice Cameron Bure, Stephanie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber are in their 30’s and 40’s but they still embody those characters that they played when they were children.  They still got it dude!  No Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen in season 1, but there are tons of references to them like, “She is running her fashion empire in New York.”  I wasn’t a big fan of all the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen references because they were over the top and they felt way too forced.  I just wish and hope that either Mary Kate or Ashley comes back for season 2 even if it’s a small part.

Andrea Barber is always annoying but charming as Kimmy Gibbler but the real standouts here are Jodi Sweetin and Candice Cameron Bure.  They were the best parts of this show as were the kids.  The kids were hilarious and I enjoyed watching them interact with their siblings and parents.  What really look me by surprise though were the amount of adult centered jokes.  Some of them were inappropriate and for adults only.  I honestly don’t remember the dirty jokes from the original series, but then again I haven’t seen it in so long and when I did I was a kid so it could have gone right over my head.  They really made this series for people that grew up with the show and have those fond memories of the characters.  I was never a die hard “Full House” fan but it was always on television and I always watched it.

This new series was something refreshing for me as an audience member.  We have so many shows today that are violent, crime dramas and other science fiction types of shows and the family sitcom is something that has been kind of dead for a long time.  So it’s nice to see a family sitcom in a great binge-watching format.  “Fuller House” isn’t the greatest show in the whole world, but I found it extremely entertaining, funny, heartfelt and charming and I loved seeing old familiar faces.  I’m actually really excited to see what they do with season 2 and I will be eagerly waiting.

Grade:  B+ 

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