Ranking The Superman Films From Worst to Best

6.  Superman IV:  The Quest for Peace

There’s not much to say about this film, other than it’s hilariously awful.  The special effects and the horrific story makes “Quest for Peace” the “Batman and Robin” of comic book films.  Lex Luther is a yawn and Nuclear Man is a an absolute joke.

5.  Superman III

For some reason, the producers and writers of “Superman” thought it would be a good idea to turn Superman into a comedy.  IT Fails on every level.  Richard Pryor is wacky and out of place and Christopher Reeve begins to phone it in as the Man of Steel.  This isn’t quite as awful as “Quest for Peace,” but it comes close.

4.  Superman Returns

I really appreciated what Bryan Singer was trying to do with “Superman Returns.”  Unfortunately it didn’t work for today’s age of comic book films.  Brandon Routh was great playing a close homage to the Christopher Reeve’s Superman but the story was incredibly slow and boring.  There was a lack of action and spectacle and Kevin Spacey was completely miscast as Lex Luther.

3.  Superman II

The Richard Donner cut is the better version of the film.  I loved the inclusion of General Zod, played wonderfully by Terence Stamp and liked the story of Superman giving up his powers to be with Lois Lane.  Although the film is pretty corny, it’s a big improvement over “Quest for Peace” and “Superman III.”

2.  Superman The Movie

I’m not a fan of the original Superman films but the 1st is the best.  Marlon Brando played a wonderful Jor-El and Christopher Reeve is smart and charming.  Gene Hackman was also great playing the villainous Lex Luthor.  The film is more touching than emotional and the special effects were revolutionary for the time period.  However, this film hasn’t aged well and it’s starting to show.

1.  Man of Steel

Not being a big Superman fan, I absolutely loved what they did with the character for the DCEU.  I embraced this new era of Superman and think it’s the best version of the character that we have ever seen.  I liked the dark, gritty and realistic take on the orphaned alien and thought the action was mind blowing.  I know the film had a lot of detractors but I was never one of them.  “Man of Steel” for me is the Superman film that I have been waiting my whole life to see and it’s the version of the character that works the best for film.


So what do you guys think?  Do you agree with this list?  How would you rank the Superman films?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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