Batman v Superman Spoiler Review

*****This review will contain heavy spoilers*****

So as I said in my spoiler free review, “Batman v Superman” is already a very divisive film that is the best example of how movies are subjective.  Unlike most critics and hardcore fanboys out there, I really enjoyed “Batman v Superman” and thought it was a fun and engaging film.  There were some noticeable flaws sure, but overall I think Zack Snyder and co. did some pretty gutsy things with this movie that a lot of people might be being a little too critical on.  In saying that, let’s get into this spoiler filled review.

The one major thing that most people hated was Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal as Lex Luthor.  I personally really liked his version of Lex Luthor.  I thought it was a version of the character that we haven’t seen before and I think his over the top chaotic portrayal shows just how crazy insane Lex Luthor really is.  So I really enjoyed Jesse Eisenberg here and I thought he made a really compelling villain and just went for it.  Amy Adams as Lois Lane is something that bothered me from “Man of Steel” as she felt too fake and artificial, and she was basically the same in this movie but I think she felt more fleshed out in this film.  Although, there were many moments in the movie where she’s this typical damsel in distress and after a while that archetype started to feel a little old.  Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill were great in their respectable roles but someone who was a standout for me was Holly Hunter’s character Senator Finch.  That scene with Granny’s Peach Tea was really cool and was a shocking moment in the film that I wholeheartedly welcomed.

The thing that really worked in this film was the introduction of Ben Affleck’s Batman.  This Batman is so dark, grim, brutal and just overall amazing!  I said this and I’ll say it again.  Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies are the best films, but this version of Batman is better than Christian Bale’s take on the character.  I didn’t mind that this is a murderous and “Punisher” like Batman because Bruce Wayne has changed after the arrival of Superman.  His outlook on the law and vigilance has changed and he delivers his own “Bat Brand” of justice as they call it in the film.  I think it’s a different way to go and I thought it gives audiences something new and fresh.  Some people were not too keen on showing Bruce’s origin story again but I really liked it.  I typically don’t like character origin stories but I have always liked Batman’s.  I also loved the Nightmare Batman sequence that was post-apocalyptic in the vein of Mad Max.  It was a nice nod to the Justice League villain Darkseid and was an intense visual of what is to come if the Justice League fails.  I heard that the blu ray sequence is around 10 minutes instead of 4 so I’m curious to see the rest of it.

A lot of people whined about the motivations of all the characters but I didn’t see those issues.  I had a clear cut view on why the characters did what they did.  However, the biggest problem with the film evolved from the Batman v Superman fight.  I thought the fight was great but the resolve was too quick and made little sense.  Batman is hell bent on destroying Superman for the entire film and once he realizes that Superman’s mom’s name is Martha, Batman realizes that he’s been played by Lex Luthor.  But what made no sense is now, in a split second Bruce and Clark are friends.  It felt too sudden, too sloppy and I didn’t buy their immediate friendship.  I thought it was disappointing and just flat out lazy screenwriting.  And the plot, even though it made sense to me, the editing and multiple layers of story seemed out of place, dysfunctional and poorly put together.  In saying that though, I am curious to see if the R-Rated uncut version will right the wrongs of the somewhat wonky story.

I thought the Doomsday fight was really awesome and Wonder Woman really kicked some serious ass!  I actually am more excited for the Justice League than I was before.  I didn’t mind the way they introduced the Justice League members like most people did.  To me, if you didn’t like how they were introduced then that is some serious nit picking.  What I thought was extremely ballsy was the fact that they actually killed Superman.  I really enjoyed the guts with this move, but; it doesn’t mean shit because we know Superman is coming back for future films.  But the fact that they decided to incorporate the Doomsday comic into the story was kind of cool.

Here’s the deal.  Zack Snyder is a visionary director.  I enjoy his films.  Is he an amazing director?  No.  Would this film have been better if someone else directed it?  Maybe.  Understand, what Warner Brothers wanted is to introduce the Justice League first and then do the spin off films.  I think Zack Snyder had a huge task in front of him.  He literally had to introduce a new Batman, the strange relationship between him and Superman and introduce the Justice League and I think for the most part he succeeded.  Sure the issues are apparent but let’s face facts.  THIS IS A SUPERHERO MOVIE!  It’s not real and it’s not going to win Academy Awards or accolades.  This movie is entertaining, it’s fun but it’s not an Oscar worthy film.  I think a lot of people are over analyzing this movie and they are ignoring the fact that it’s entertainment.  I’m not a DC fanboy!  But I still enjoyed the hell out of this.  It’s not nearly as good as “Man of Steel” but it delivered some pure action spectacle and that’s all I wanted out of this film.

Warner Brothers is all in with this universe and I appreciate the fact that they are doing something completely different from Marvel.  They are making dark, comic films for adults.  These films are not for kids.  P.S.  I wouldn’t take young kids to see this because of the massive amounts of violence.  But that’s just me, I’m no parent.  I think what Warner Brothers is offering is something completely new and refreshing and I can’t wait to see where their heroes end up.  And now that we’ve seen a taste of this new Batman, I’m really amped up for “Suicide Squad” and the stand alone “Batman” films.  “Man of Steel” wasn’t for every body.  And neither is “Batman v Superman.”  But I’m calling it as I see it and I’m having fun in this new universe and I think where they are taking it is some place exciting.

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