Daredevil Season 1 Review

*****This review will contain spoilers*****

“Daredevil” is a Netlix original show sanctioned by Marvel studios in an attempt to bring more of their characters into the public’s eye.  “Daredevil” tells the story of Matt Murdock, a lawyer who works the law by day, and by night a super powered martial artist fighting crime.  Matt Murdock battles the ins and outs of Hell’s Kitchen in New York, in order to make his city a safer place.  Murdock is assisted by his best friend and lawyer Foggy Nelson and their secretary Karen Page.  Evil is lurking inside Hell’s Kitchen, as the mob and heinous villain Wilson Fisk starts to control the city using murder and extortion as a key for manipulation.

Now I had a hard time getting into “Daredevil.”  I hated the Ben Affleck version of the character as it put a rotten taste in my mouth and I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a fan of the character in general.  I tried multiple times to watch season 1 with no avail until I heard how amazing season 2 was.  So I decided to give the show one last shot and I binge watched the entire season in two days.  I have to say, this last time did the trick.  I heavily enjoyed most of season 1 but it took time for me to be invested in all the characters.  I think the show sets up the characters well, but those first five episodes are pretty slow and a little too boring for my taste.  But after episode 5, the show really took off and man was I hooked.

I really liked Matt Murdock’s pre-Daredevil Suit.  I think the Dread Pirate Roberts look was a really cool idea and I actually prefer it over the Daredevil costume.  It looked kind of indie and fresh and it made his character more interesting.  Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) is phenomenal as Murdock/Daredevil and Elden Henson is decent as Foggy Nelson, even though he can be a bit annoying and whiny at times.  Deborah Ann Woll is really great here playing Karen Page but the real standout is Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin.  He was legitimately crazy scary good and terrifying in some of the best villainous scenes that I’ve seen in any Marvel property.  I loved his character and I loved his confrontations with Daredevil.

Aside from the slow character buildup, I really thought the writing was good.  The dialogue and tension was executed well and the story became compelling and exciting, setting up a great gateway into season 2.  The fight choreography was also something to note.  It was “Raid” style good minus the blood and gore.  The hallway fight at the beginning of the season was incredible to watch and seeing all of the well executed action sequences made me even more excited to see what the writers will cook up in seasons to come.

I already mentioned the bad a little bit, but I felt that those first handful of episodes were a drag.  It was really hard for me to get into the show, but once I got there, man I was on for the ride and never wanted to let go.  “Daredevil” is violent, dark and brooding but not quite at the level of DC with “Man of Steel” or “Batman v Superman.”  The show still has a lot of fun elements to it but it isn’t afraid to use these darker elements and sprinkle them around for some nice comic book flavoring.  This definitely isn’t a show for kids which is very refreshing.  I’m really diggin’ these adult comic book stories because I have to be honest, I’m getting a little superhero weary because they all feel the same; like they are just made for kids.  And I think that’s why I dug “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman.”  I’m not a fan of superhero shows but “Daredevil” is something great to watch.  And I think out of all the superhero shows this one is the best.

“Daredevil” wasn’t afraid to kill of certain characters like Ben, and it wasn’t afraid to shy away from the grittiness of Hell’s Kitchen.  By the end of the season, the characters are all in the right place where we want them.  I loved the final confrontation between Fisk and Murdock and the alley way fight was amazing!  I’m curious if Fisk will return for season 2 or if they will save him for another season down the road.  Personally I think they should save him but we will see.  “Daredevil” is a show that is courageous, bold and original.  Netflix is killing it with their shows and “Daredevil” is one of those shows that will be added to their pantheon of great television.

Grade:  B+ 

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