The Walking Dead Season 6 Review

“The Walking Dead” season 6 just finished its yearly run with an explosive expansion of zombie storytelling at its finest.  We are now 6 years in, and this show is going nowhere any time soon.  There are still so many stories to tell, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be letting up, which most shows do around season 6.  So we start off season 6 with the murder of Diana’s husband and Rick on her orders kills the man who murdered him.  Most of the first handful of episodes this season all took place at the same moment in time, showing character’s different perspectives on the zombie invasion of Alexandria, as well as the Wolves as they infiltrate the base camp.  Each perspective of our heroes is told in such a unique and exciting way and it felt very different to what the “Walking Dead” has given us before.

In the most controversial scene of the series so far, Glenn goes on a supply run with Nicholas, only to fall into the hands of a horde of zombies.  We see Glenn, as his intestines are being devoured by the horde and his fate was unknown for many episodes to come.  A lot of fans speculated that Glenn didn’t die because there was no “In Memoriam” segment for him on “Talking Dead” and closer analytics of Glenn’s death scene revealed that Nicholas’ body fell on top of Glenn’s.  This tragic moment was explosively felt on TV and weighed on fans’ dreams and hopes that Glenn could somehow be alive.  It really echoed that Jon Snow moment from “Game of Thrones” and after speculation and heartache, Glenn was revealed to have survived the incident.  It was one of the most exciting and excruciating moments in “Walking Dead” history.  Maggie is revealed latter on in the season to be pregnant and Deanna, the once called leader of Alexandria becomes a zombie only to be killed by her son out of sheer sadness.

Another graceful moment is the final hookup between Rick and Michonne which was a long time coming.  Rick’s former love interest, as well as both her sons and other members of Alexandria become tasty zombie food in a way so cruel and violent it made television seem like a shocking thing.  Halfway through the season we were introduced to a group called “Negan.”  Now if you have read the comics, Negan is a leader and the main antagonist of “The Walking Dead” franchise.  He has an army of followers at his command and this group that didn’t last long, was just a taste of what was to come.  We are then introduced to the Hilltop settlement and Jesus, the badass fighter while fan favorite Doctor Denise Cloyd died from an arrow through the eye socket.  Shocks abound in this season but none even remotely matched the finale, “Last Day on Earth.”  We are finally introduced to Negan, played maliciously by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  He is one of the most terrifying villains that I have ever seen on television.  He brings his trusty barbed wire baseball bat Lucille and bashes one of our favorite character’s brains in.  This scene was long, drawn out and made for the most anxiety and suspense fueled television that I have ever seen in my life.  And the fact that they didn’t show which character died, was all the more maddening and frustrating feeling like the biggest cop out ever witnessed in TV history.

There were so many amazing moments this season and I have to say that season 6 was the best season to date.  There were some slower and uninteresting episodes for sure, but all in all this was a rollercoaster season of terror, action and emotion.  The build-up to Negan was well worth the wait and the suspense literally was killing me.  The big question is, who the hell did Negan kill?  In the comics he kills Glenn, but the show has strayed away from what the comics are doing and they already killed Glenn once, so why do it again?  It wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.  Maggie, God knows how much I love her was really ill and with child which makes her a perfect target for Negan.  It isn’t Rick or Carl because of the way Negan spoke to both of them so it could be Abraham, Michonne, Daryl or Sasha or even Eugene.  As much as I don’t want it to be any of the main crew like Daryl or Michonne, it would add so much weight and heartbreak to the show and it would give this kill credibility and show that no one is safe.  “Game of Thrones” doesn’t shy away from killing off its main characters and “The Walking Dead” usually doesn’t either but lately they have been killing off people that don’t truly matter.  So I think they need to gain some credibility back by killing off Daryl or Michonne or even Maggie or Glenn.  When it is revealed next season, it will be sad and heartbreaking but it will make the season matter and drive Rick to avenge his friends.

Besides the cop out ending of not revealing who Negan killed, the biggest issue that I had with season 6 was Carol.  Carol at the beginning this season is a complete badass.  Then later on she becomes this scared and obnoxious pussy who is afraid to kill and I’m not sure where the writers were going with this but her character did a complete 180.  This is not the Carol they have been developing and I hated all of her story lines this season.  It just made no sense to how she has been developed as a character and unless they really explain it next season, I’m just not on board with the treatment of her character.

Overall, this season was one of the best and it solidifies the top notch content that AMC is delivering.  Out of all the cable channels, AMC has really stepped up their game, competing right next to Netflix and HBO for having the best content.  “The Walking Dead” season 6 was phenomenal television and at times maddening but at least they are taking risks and aren’t afraid to be controversial when it comes to character development.  Sure the season had some bad moments but the good outweighed the bad and I cannot wait to start right into season 7.

Grade:  A 

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