Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut Review

“Batman v Superman” has had a wild ride of criticism and negativity from moviegoers and DC fans all over the world since its release in early March.  “Batman v Superman suffered from major plot holes and script issues and has been criticized for its glaring issues with Lex Luthor, the “Martha” sequence as well as this riddle stricken plot element of Africa, which led to the trial of Superman.  Myself as a fan and moviegoer, I understood the problems with the movie but I was in the minority of people who really liked the film but acknowledged the problems, and I was more than ecstatic to see this newer cut of the superhero epic.

Going back many years ago, Zack Snyder made “Watchmen,” which was a misunderstood superhero epic that divided a lot of people.  It was a visual masterpiece for sure, but didn’t flesh out a lot of characters and plot elements.  Then when the film came out on blu ray, a director’s cut was released followed by the Ultimate Cut of “Watchmen,” which was Snyder’s original vision of the famous graphic novel.  The Ultimate Cut of “Watchmen” is a significantly superior film to the theatrical and director’s cut and is the version that everybody should have seen.  The same thing has happened here with “Batman v Superman.”  This Ultimate Cut of “Batman v Superman” is the definitive version of Snyder’s vision and I am questioning why this version wasn’t released in the theater.  There was so much cut from the film, scenes that not only fleshed out all the characters but it added so much more to the story that made the movie flow a whole lot better.  This is a detective film, with amazing superhero action violence and it’s a shame that most people haven’t or won’t see this cut.

Now to be real, this version is over 30 minutes longer than the version shown in theaters.  This movie is really long, but no scene goes wasted.  The Africa sequence is put in, in its entirety and is so good, reminding me of that first “Iron Man” film.  There’s also a lot of emphasis placed on Amy Adams as she becomes a detective, trying to find out who was behind the African village massacre.  Clark Kent also does his detective work, trying to find out who The Batman is and why he does what he does.  There are a lot more scenes with Bruce and Alfred that add so much flavor to the movie, and the famous Batman warehouse sequence is longer, bloodier and easily warrants the R rating that this version gets.  There are also scenes that set up “Justice League,” including the super villain Steppenwolf, and an amazing sequence involving Lex being transferred to Arkham Asylum.  A lot of the disjointed and poorly edited scenes are rearranged and placed where they should have been which helps flesh this amazing story out.

For myself, I really loved “Batman v Superman,” but this newer cut feels like a totally different movie.  The same scenes are still in there, but the story is completely fleshed out and the characters have very clear motivations on why they are doing what they are doing.  This is the movie that the fans and audience deserve.  If you didn’t like or hated “Batman v Superman,” I implore you to give the “Dawn of Justice” Ultimate Cut a try.  It may change your mind about DC’s movies and where they are taking their vision.  I think this cut is a black and white different film and I think this version is what we should have gotten in the theater.  This movie is really long, at over three hours, but because the characters and story flow so much better, the running time flies by.  “Batman v Superman” the Ultimate Cut is the ultimate superhero experience for Superman and Batman lovers.

Grade:  A-

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