Mechanic Resurrection Review

“Mechanic Resurrection” stars Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh, Tommy Lee Jones and Sam Hazeldine.  Directed by German filmmaker Dennis Gansel, the “Mechanic Resurrection” is the sequel to the underrated Statham action thriller “Mechanic,” and tells the story of retired hitman named Arthur Bishop who is pulled out of his mundane life to help a young girl escape captivity, all the while under contract by another hitman to target a certain select few of bad individuals.  Bishop must kill these three men in order to rescue the princess (Alba) from the evil warlord Mr. Mustache twirler and save the day, so that he can live happily ever after.

I’m going to be upfront and frank.  The plot of this movie is so incredibly dumb and insanely stupid.  The movie shows no originality, creativity or even thrills for that matter and it stays true to the traditional action movie formula.  But there was something about this movie that had me entertained from start to finish.  Perhaps is was Statham?  Perhaps is was the creative kills and the cool/slick assassinations?  I’m not quite sure what is was but I have to say that this movie was what it was marketed to be; a dumb fun action movie that didn’t take itself too seriously.  That’s all I expected from it and that’s what I got and I had a good time with this one.  Sure the acting was atrocious, the CGI looked incredibly fake and television quality but the dopey fun of the film was everything for me to turn off my brain.  This is a sleepy Saturday morning matinee movie that you can watch, enjoy and then never truly think about again, and sometimes we need films like these.

Like the “Taken” franchise, Jason Statham takes out hordes of baddies that just seem to spawn every few minutes.  I think the kill count was close to 100 people.  The mechanics of the film, no pun intended was just one action set piece after another.  The CGI was incredibly awful, especially the opening scene where Statham’s character jumps off of a cable car and lands on a paraglider in Rio De Janeiro.  The explosions looked awful while the gunshots and blood looked fake but for some reason it felt like a nostalgia trip down memory lane when seeing 80’s and 90’s action films with Stallone, Van Damme and Schwarzenegger.  The dialogue was corny, the forced and awful romance between Statham and Alba was excruciating but for me it worked.  I found a lot of fun in this movie than previous action films that I’ve seen this year.  The movie never takes itself seriously, much like “The Transporter” or “Crank,” and it just asks the audience to sit back, relax and enjoy a bucket of popcorn.

Now I can see why a lot of people will hate this movie.  It’s cheesy, it’s dumb, it’s loud, the plot makes little to no sense and the special effects are garbage.  Sure this is a terrible film and I understand that it will not appeal to most people but again, it’s that self-realization that makes the film fun, at least for me.  In saying that though, the acting was atrocious.  The opening of the movie felt boring and over the top and the dialogue was just so bad it was laughable.  I think that’s why I enjoyed myself here.  The director, Dennis Gansel who has never directed a film before picked the worst script possible and his filmmaking showed that he’s not a great director.  I found nothing special about his filmmaking style that wowed me but I think he did succeed with the material that he was given.

Guys in the end, “The Mechanic Resurrection” is a really bad movie that has pure popcorn entertainment value.  It’s harmless and innocent and if you want to escape to the cinemas this weekend and just have a good time then “Mechanic Resurrection” might be the one to entertain you.  It’s nowhere near as good as its predecessor but it does succeed in entertaining.  I hated the story, the acting and everything else in the movie, but I was able to enjoy myself by shutting off my brain and stuffing my face with popcorn.  This movie will be forgotten in a week, but before that week is up, maybe give it a shot.  Just don’t expect anything from it, other than being entertaining.

Grade:  C+ 

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