Allied Movie Review

“Allied” is directed by Robert Zemeckis starring Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris, Lizzy Caplan and Simon McBurney.  “Allied” starts in 1942 Casablanca, where an intelligence officer must complete a mission with a female French resistance fighter.  On their mission, romance gets in the way and when they return home to London, their relationship along with the war will put them up to a test of love, betrayal and espionage.  “Allied” is a old fashioned war film that pays homage to war and spy films of the 1940’s and gives current moviegoers a look into the past before Computer technology dominated cinemas.  “Allied” is a true war film with great melodrama and an excellent cast.

“Allied” was on my radar since I heard about it, but it wasn’t a film I was dying to see.  There are always films that will pop up and surprise you and “Allied” was the biggest surprise for me this year.  I absolutely loved this movie and for a lot of reasons.  First, the movie has a lot of homages to the American classic “Casablanca,” and there are many moments in the movie that feel like a modern retelling of the Michael Curtiz classic.  The acting was great and the story was extremely engaging.  I loved the setting of the film and really felt that old Hollywood magic here.  I heard a lot of reviewers saying that the movie has a lot of cheesy elements in it and I couldn’t agree more.  There are plenty of eye rolling, corny moments and laughable dialogues, and a lot of the setting looked liked staged sets.  However, I liked the camp.  It felt like I was literally watching a 1940’s World War II drama and I think that that’s what Zemeckis was going for here.  I think he set out to make a great film feel like it was from the 1940’s era and I really appreciated that.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt were very good in this movie.  I liked their chemistry and I thought the espionage sequences were done exceptionally well.  The movie had me guessing all the way up until the very end.  There was tension and suspense built in greatly to the story and I really liked the end reveal.  The movie had a perfect wrap up and I was extremely satisfied.  One thing I was not expecting was the graphic language and violence.  Wow, this was indeed an adult film.  There was nudity, sex, a lot of F bombs dropped and quite a bit of graphic violence.  I really appreciated the fact that Zemeckis made a film for adults only.  The look of the movie really stuck out to me.  There was an old fashioned haze in the footage that made it feel like it was ripped out of David Lean’s “Lawrence of Arabia” while also feeling a lot like “Casablanca.”  It had an epic nature to it that I really enjoyed, even if there were some corny moments.  The other really great thing about “Allied” was it’s score, written by Alan Silvestri.  This score was excellent.  It had that “Forest Gump” and “Castaway” flavor and really felt like something suited for a World War II drama.  Scores really can elevate films and I thought that Silvestri’s score elevated this film to new heights.

I liked this movie so much, there wasn’t a whole lot to critique.  The only small issue that I had with the movie may have been budding romance between Cotillard’s character and Pitt’s.  There were some moments in the film where I didn’t quite buy their relationship and other times it seemed to click.  It was like their was some chemistry and then no chemistry at all.  It definitely wasn’t the chemistry that we saw from Pitt and Jolie in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” but I think it wasn’t supposed to be.  And again, a lot of the movie felt corny and cheese ballish, but it didn’t take me out of the film or bother me but for others it might.  The movie runs two hours, but I think it could have gone on a little bit longer.  I enjoyed it so much I think there could have been more.  There wasn’t a whole lot of negatives but that’s all that comes to mind at this point.

“Allied” has that very old fashioned Hollywood feel to it that I haven’t seen in a long time.  It’s a great spy thriller, action film and romantic drama set against the Nazi era War.  It had some clever nods to “Casablanca,” “Lawrence of Arabia,” and even Alfred Hitchcock’s “Notorious” starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.  “Allied” had great romance, humor and extremely violent action sequences that still remind us that this is a war drama.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and cannot wait to experience it again.  “Allied” was a movie that charmed me and felt swept away by the story, the characters and fantastical tale of intrigue.

Grade:  A- 

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