The Mummy Review

“The Mummy” is yet another retelling of the Universal Monster Series collection of horror films, this time set in the modern era.  “The Mummy” is directed by Alex Kurtzman starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson and Annabelle Wallis.  “The Mummy” tells the story of Nick and Jenny as they discover a sarcophagus buried deep in the sands of Iraq.  As they unearth the coffin, the dead rise unleashing an ancient evil of terror.  The Mummy is out for revenge, and she has her sights set on Nick to be a conduit for the God of Death.

“The Mummy” was a movie that intrigued me from the beginning.  The announcement came that they were creating a monsters shared universe and I was legitimately curious.  The trailers for this newest version of “The Mummy” seemed interesting and exciting and I loved the thought that there would be a woman mummy.  But now having seen the film, it wasn’t the movie that I hoped it would be and it really wasn’t anything remotely good or entertaining.  This is the perfect example of a disappointing film on almost every level possible.

As far as the positives go, for me there really was only one.  Sofia Boutella was fantastic here.  She doesn’t have a lot of dialogue in the movie, but her scary and sexiness oozes out of this role.  She brings a physicality here that is really noticeable and she is the best part of this movie.  The other thing that I thought was admirable was the potential that this movie is setting up.  Even though I didn’t like this film in the slightest, I think there is some set up potential for future monster movies in this “new world of gods and monsters.”

Now Tom Cruise has been amazing in a lot of films of late.  Look at the “Mission Impossible” series or even “Oblivion” and “Edge of Tomorrow.”  He is a world class performer and stuntman.  But he was awful here.  He felt so out of place.  He didn’t know what kind of film he was in, which brings me to the biggest issue that I have with this movie.  It doesn’t know what it is.  The movie cannot mix the horror elements, the romance, the action and the horrendously cheesy one-liners which makes it feel like an 80’s movie which it isn’t.  This movie is laughably bad, with very boring action sequences and mediocre acting coming from Cruise and Annabelle Wallis.  Annabelle Wallis is the epitome of a dumb blonde who becomes a damsel and it drove me nuts.  And Russell Crowe who is a phenomenal actor, had almost nothing to do here and it was wasted potential.

Two big things really make this new version of “The Mummy” terrible.  One is Alex Kurtman’s direction.  He doesn’t know what he’s doing with this movie.  The editing is poor, the sound design is poor and the overall direction and vision is so all over the place.  Which leads me to the biggest problem with “The Mummy.”  The screenplay is atrocious.  It is written by six different people and it shows.  There are good screenwriters on this but it’s clear they had all different takes on this film and they made an amalgamation of all the ideas and the end result is not good.  The movie is unfocused with a really confusing ending that had me scratching my head.

“The Mummy” is one of the worst films of 2017, not quite as bad as “Pirates” but pretty darn close.  I cannot recommend people seeing this movie.  If you are looking for something to see, I strongly suggest seeing “Wonder Woman” again or see it if you haven’t yet.  Treat yourself but don’t waste your money on “The Mummy.”  I liked the Brendan Fraser “Mummy” as it was campy but also fun.  This new iteration however is dull, boring, unimpressive and will put you in a coma by the time the film ends.  I still am hopeful for the “Dark Universe” monster series but this one doesn’t give me a lot of it.

Grade:  D-

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