47 Meters Down Review

“47 Meters Down” is directed by Johannes Roberts starring Matthew Modine, Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, and Chris Johnson.  Lisa (Mandy Moore) and her sister Kate (Claire Holt) are on a unanimous Mexican vacation and decide to go on a great white shark encounter with a few shady sailors who they meet at the hotel.  Somewhat inexperienced scuba divers, Lisa and Kate decide to go on the adventure with everything possible going wrong.  While in the cage, the rope line breaks which sends them 47 meters down to the bottom of the ocean.  Surrounded by a school of sharks and little to no contact with the boat, Lisa and Kate must rely on their survival skills before running out of oxygen in the dark blue sea.

There have been a handful of low budget shark movies within the last few years that have proven to be very effective, “Sharknado” not included.  Last year we got “The Shallows” which was a fun little B-movie starring Blake Lively.  And with “47 Meters Down” we get the very same thing.  This is no “Jaws” but it sets out to do exactly what was advertised.  This was an extremely engaging, scary and exciting little film with a simple plot that goes to great depths to deliver an entertaining summer movie.  What I really liked about this film was how simple and low budget it was but it felt bigger than most of the summer blockbusters that have come out this year and it was highly effective as a great scary shark thriller.

When looking at the positives Mandy More and Claire Holt were really good in this movie.  They had great chemistry together and I was really surprised at how good Mandy Moore was.  I don’t think I’ve seen her in a movie since “A Walk to Remember” but she really delivered here.  Matthew Modine who I also haven’t seen in years was good even in a very small role.  The sharks looked pretty real with the exception of a few shots which looked a little bit cartoonish, which is a small issue that I had with “The Shallows.”  But the most effective thing about “47 Meters Down” is the fact that you hardly ever see the sharks.  There are moments in this film where the characters have to swim out of the cage and they are surrounded by pitch black infinite dark water and that is utterly terrifying.  The dark unknown is extremely terrifying and there are many moments when the jump scares come at moments when you don’t expect them.  And I don’t usually like jump scares but when they are done right they can be extremely effective and here they worked.

As far as the negatives go, there aren’t many.  I think the movie could have been a bit longer, with more character development and more focus on the story of the sisters before they are submerged into the depths of Hell but really this movie had a purpose, it advertised it’s purpose and it delivered a fun solid product.  Matthew Modine was good, but his part is so small and minimal they could have hired anybody in the role but it is what it is, it’s no bid deal.  There’s no deep moral level of the movie and it will most likely be forgotten in a few years but I quite enjoyed myself here and I think a lot of people can have fun with this movie; and I am terrified of sharks!

“47 Meters Down” is a solidly terrifying shark thriller that is very much needed in this droll of a summer for movies.  Next to “Wonder Woman” this is the most fun that I’ve had at the movies this summer.  It’s not a big blockbuster film, nor is it a masterpiece on any filmmaking level but it is a smart film that knows what it is and it goes all out for it.  It’s not a must-rush out and see but if you are looking for something fun to watch this summer this is a good choice, especially when it’s hot out and you just want to relax and cool off and watch some sharks killing and eating people.  This movie does it’s job well.

Grade:  B- 

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