Throwback Thursday: Hook

Gotta Fly!  Gotta Fight!  Gotta Crow!  Journey back to Neverland where Peter Pan has become a dead beat dad, a Pirating Lawyer who finds himself blowing people out of the water.  Relive this Robin Williams classic as Peter tries to find his shadow, re-learn how to fly and how make the world’s best food fight ever!  Watch as Peter tries to save his kids from the evil codfish Captain Hook.  Step into the shoes of the lost boys who are fun, exciting and help Peter become the Pan that he is.  And then, watch as Tinkerbell grows into an adult woman who confesses her undying love for Peter in a sort of creepy way; after all she’s still a tiny fairy.  So sit back in the peanut gallery and watch a really cool sequence of Pirates playing baseball.  Cheer on Smee and the Pirates as they kill someone for stealing second.

And finally, prepare for the ultimate showdown of the Lost boys versus the Pirates, and Hook versus Pan!  Watch as Peter becomes the man he was born to be, while insanely flying and cracking some great jokes.  Prepare for loss and tragedy when Hook kills Rufio, and then when Peter avenges him.  Witness the ultimate sword fight that leads to Hook becoming dinner for the crocodile!  So if you like fantasy, adventure and some well intentioned humor with a few occasional cry moments, then you will get a kick out Hook!  Or the best Peter Pan story that’s ever been told on the big screen.  By Hook or by Crook, this movie is Bangarang!

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