10 Horror Gems That Nobody Saw

1.  The Babadook-A single mother getting over the tragic death of her husband, is in charge of taking care of her disturbed son.  When she reads him a children’s story called “Mr. Babadook,” she unleashes a boogeyman that begins to plague their house.

Why should you see it?  This movie relies on realistic horror rather than jump scares and traditional horror that we are used to.  This film is incredibly well shot, with terrific actors and when the supernatural elements come, it is introduced in such a fresh way that will make your skin crawl.

2.  Slither-A small town is plagued by man eating slugs and it is up to a few locals to exterminate the slug virus and put an end to the disgusting slim of scum in a hilarious and over the top/action filled way.

Why should you see it?  This movie is extremely campy.  It is gross and disgusting at the same time being extremely funny.  The monsters and the gore make this such a fun movie to watch and James Gunn, who wrote and directed Guardians of the Galaxy made this thing!!!  This movie has some scares, it has some comedy and great special effects.  This is a great, underrated horror film and deserves a watch.

3.  The Orphanage-A woman brings her family to her childhood home which used to be an orphanage.  Soon after they move in, her son disappears and the ghosts of the woman’s past come back to haunt her.

Why should you see it?  Most people chose not to see this because it’s in subtitles.  Suck up the subtitles and watch it.  This film has an amazing story, some very scary moments and an incredibly powerful twist ending.  This movie was produced by Guillermo Del Toro and a lot of his style is seen here.  This is an amazing horror film and truly is underrated.

4.  The Reef-A group of Australian tourist take a snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  On the way, their boat capsizes, and the group starts to become hunted by a Great White Shark.  They must swim to a distant shore, before becoming prey.

Why should you see it?  This movie is terrifying.  One of the scariest shark films since “Jaws.”  The tension is slow building and the shark footage was actual footage.  The thought of a monster beneath the deep blue has always terrified audiences and this is a film you must experience at least once.  It’s a truly hair raising experience.

5.  Midnight Meat Train-A photographer starts to follow a mysterious figure who turns out to be a serial killer.  He packs his victims into meat bags and takes the midnight train to a nowhere tunnel where he empties the meat to an unknown entity.

Why should you see it?  This is a very bizarre and underrated horror film.  Bradley Copper does some good early career work here and the violence is gruesome and extravagant.  For his first foray into film, Clive Barker does an amazing job with the source material.  If your looking for a bloody good time, check this film out.

6.  Byzantium-A mother daughter vampire duo team up and invade a coastal town only to bring with them some dire consequences.

Why should you see it?  This film was directed by Neil Jordan who directed “Interview with a Vampire.”  His art direction, and the pallet of colors help give this underrated vampire attire a deep, crimson, gothic look.  The actors are brilliant and the story is enthralling.  Although not as good as “Interview,” Neil Jordan knows how to make a great vampire movie other than the “Twilights” of the world.

7.  Drag Me to Hell-A bank loan officer evicts an elderly woman who invokes a curse upon her soul, which damns her to Hell.  The woman must find a way to get rid of the curse before she is dragged down to the abyss.

Why should you see it?  This film is Sam Raimi back in form.  Raimi who wrote and directed all 3 “Evil Dead” films once again ventures back into the horror genre.  This film has some genuine scares and the comedy is extremely campy, over the top and at times hilarious.  This is such a fun, scary movie if you like comedy with horror.

8.   Dead Silence-A man returns home after his wife’s murder, to find answers into the nature of her death, and all roads lead to creepy ventriloquist dummy’s and witches in this amazing film by horror master James Wan.

Why should you see it?  I feel like many horror fans never saw this movie.  It seemed to be overshadowed by the “Saw” franchise and people never heard of the film because the marketing wasn’t very good.  However, the film is terrifying with creepy dolls and a killer twist ending.  James Wan, in my opinion is the greatest modern horror director and this film shows that his talents should not be overlooked.  Beware the stare of Mary Shaw…

9.  The Descent-A group of women go on a cave diving adventure only for the climb to go horribly wrong.  Being trapped into the depths of a monstrous cave, the women become hunted by creatures of the night.

Why should you see it?  This film is terrifying.  There are many jump scares while visually it is a scary as hell adventure movie.  There are many pulse pounding twists and haunting bouts of gore and violence, while the terror becomes apparent from being isolated in the dark.  Great film!

10.  The Devil’s Backbone-Carlos is sent to live in an orphanage after his father has been killed during the Spanish Civil War.  At the orphanage, Carlos realizes that the place is haunted by a mysterious presence.

Why should you see it?  This movie was one of Guillermo Del Toro’s first films.  Ignore the Spanish subtitles, and watch it.  The visuals are stunning and the performances are excellent.  The story is haunting and extremely engaging.  This movie is more atmospheric in horror and doesn’t rely on a lot of jump scares to tell a truly horrific, mind bending story.  This is such a brilliant film and if you are a fan of Del Toro or love “Pan’s Labyrinth,” then don’t miss this one!


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