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Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Film School Hooligans

I care deeply about the integrity of film criticism.  I have dedicated my career to the study of films and film theory and love sharing my passions and opinions about films with others.  As an Arizona State University Graduate, I have a background in Film Production, Education, as well as English.  As a part-time teacher and part-time entrepreneur, my goal is to reach out to the public offering my honest opinions on the nature of film as a whole, as well as a creative art.

Film discussion is an important part of the film-fan community and it is important as fans to become a part of the conversation.  In a day where college has become such an expense, and film schools have grown into a competitive major and business, I offer a weekly film school completely free on this site which will cover all the different aspects of film such as production, film theory and criticism as well as in-depth looks at the makings of some of the most celebrated films of all time.  If you want a free film education, or just want to know more about cinema as a craft and art form, this site is the place to be and I am your man to talk to.  Let’s get the conversations started.

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